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Namba: A city that is a theme park in its entirety


A magnificent view as you look up from Dotonbori River

Osaka is known for its multiple rivers,as it is a city that thrived in water transportation,and tourists can enjoy such attractions such as sightseeing cruise boats,and old-fashioned houseboats. Dotonbori River is the most major river that flows through Osaka Minami. The name is apparently derived from the excavation in 1612 by Doton Yasui,who served the daimyナ Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The "Tonbori River Cruise" is a mini-cruise that lets you enjoy some of Minami's most well-known sights as you float down the river. Departing from Tazaemon Boat Dock near the Dotonbori Bridge,the boat passes through nine bridges,such as Nihonbashi,Ebisubashi, and Ukiniwabashi,as you take in the spectacular views from the water. If you look closely at the bridge railing of Ebisubashi,you will notice that it looks like the iron spatula tat is used when flipping okonomiyaki. Such trivia,and other highlights of sightseeing spots can be gained from your guide crew during the 20-minute stroll along the water.

Fully enjoy the culture of gourmet and amusement

Osaka's most popular soul foods such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki,as well as entertainment and commercial facilities with large eye-catching billboards, make Namba especially popular with foreign tourists visiting Japan. The city's landmark is perhaps the Dotonbori Glico Sign. Since its first installation in 1935,it has changed and been replaced through the years,and is now the sixth generation. With more than 14,000 LED lights used,it lights up 30 minutes after sunset,until 24:00 each night,with a background that is continuously changing. Another popular spot is the Dotonbori Konamon Museum,which is crowded with visitors every day. In addition to enjoying the delicious takoyaki from "Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru",you can learn about Osaka's history and culture,as you eat, learn about,and make takoyaki.

Enjoy a stylish dinner in Hozenji Yokocho,a hidden alley full of traditional atmosphere

The calm atmosphere of Hozenji Yokocho is the perfect way to end you day. The cobblestone alley still retains the traditional atmosphere of old-time Osaka. Originally,Yokocho was built within the grounds of Hozenji Temple,where food stalls and tea shops for worshipers gathered together. When visiting this area,it is customary to visit Hozenji Temple and splash water on the mossy Miszukake Fudo-son. And as soon as you step within Yokocho,it is truly a gourmet street,lined with over 60 traditional restaurants and bars. There are many famous restaurants,such as "Meoto Zenzai",a sweets shop that has been featured in a well-known novel,the long-established restaurant "Shobentan Gotei",which is famous for miso oden,and "wasabi",which serves Osaka's famous kushikatsu with a modern take. A place that connects the past and present,where you can enjoy food and drinks in a stylish way. Such an experience is also the real pleasure of this city.