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Toyosu Market: Japan's kitchen that conveys the country's food culture


An open market where you can learn about the history and characteristics of Japan

The Toyosu Fish Market,which opened in October 2018,is Japan's largest wholesale market,relocated from Tsukiji for the first time in 83 years. The new Tokyo fish market venue has many more attractions compared to the Tsukiji era,and there is a free "visitor course" that is offered on site. Closed on Sundays,Wednesdays,and national holidays,the market is open from 5am-5pm. The market is divided into 4 areas: the Fruit and Vegetable Market,the Fish Intermediate Wholesale Market,the Fish Wholesale Market,and the Management Facility Building. The Toyosu Market experience is full of food and learning spots. Located closest to Shijomae Station,the closest station to the market,is the Management Facility Building,with a PR corner where you can learn about the history and features of the market through exhibition panels and photographs.

An up-close view of the fish auction for a valuable experience

In the Fish Wholesale Market,you will find a 1:500 scale model of the Toyosu Market,and a giant bluefin tuna object. This is a reproduction of the largest tuna in history that arrived at the Tsukiji Market in April 1986,and is said to be 2m88cm long. On the second floor of the building,you can see the tuna wholesale market,and there is a deck that requires advance reservation,from where you can observe the lively "auction". The history of the auction goes back to the Edo period,when supposedly, the surplus from the fish gifted to the castle was sold near Nihonbashi. After that,the Central Wholesale Market was born in 1923,and it was determined that trading in the market only take place by auction. The Toyosu Market also has a panel that explains the traditional price negotiation hand gesture. Together with the actual tuna auction that is fully open to the public, you can gain a better understanding of the Toyosu Market.

The taste of freshly caught ingredients,and the touch of craftsmen's tools

You won't want to miss the 40 well-established shops and restaurants that have been around since the Tsukiji Market era. On the 3rd floor of the Intermediate Fish Wholesale Market Building, there are 20 shops,most of them sushi restaurants,that line the hall,with long lines at the most popular restaurants. One of which is Sushi Dai,which has been a well-known restaurant since the Tsukiji Market time. Their popular 12-piece "Omakase" set is a great choice for those looking to enjoy sushi casually. On a side note, "toro" (fatty tuna) is usually considered the highest-class sushi in modern times,but prawns were considered to be the luxury item back in the Edo period. Also within the Intermediate Fish Wholesale Market Building is a shopping area called "Uogashi Yokocho",where you can buy fresh wasabi,pickles,and seaweed,as well as professional cooking utensils. Where learning,experience,eating,drinking,and food culture come together,a visit to Toyosu Market will surely satisfy both your stomach and heart.