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Membership Agreement

Article 1 (General Provisions)

  1. CLUB CANDEO (”Membership Program") is the loyalty program defined in this Agreement, that is operated by Candeo Hotels ("us").
  2. This Agreement is between Candeo Hotels (with its definition inclusive of all hotels operated by the company throughout this Agreement) and CLUB CANDEO members ("you") using the CLUB CANDEO service.
  3. This Agreement has been formed for when using CLUB CANDEO to understand the rules, protocol, and official regulations in place. This is regardless of any other information or offers provided at Candeo Hotels or on the Candeo Hotels website, and any other separate notifications provided in regards to memberships. (hereinafter, this is collectively referred to as "this Agreement")

Article 2 (Membership)

You will be recognized as a member when you have agreed to this Agreement, completed the membership application form following the procedures set forth by Candeo Hotels in Article 3, and been approved by us.

Article 3 (Becoming a Member)

  1. If you would like to become a member, please fill out the required information on the membership application form, and submit at the front desk of one of our hotels or on our website.
  2. After receiving an application form, Candeo Hotels will decide on whether or not the application is accepted after going through the necessary procedures. There may be cases where a membership application is rejected after being reviewed. Candeo Hotels does not disclose the contents of reviews or the reasoning behind judgements to applicants. Also, no objection can be made in relation to the results of an application.
  3. Candeo Hotels does not provide membership cards.

Article 4 (Membership Requirements)

If you fall under one of the following items, you cannot become a member. In addition, if Candeo Hotels finds that any of the items are applicable to you after having become a member, we reserve the right to cancel your membership. In these situations, you will not be provided details for the reason behind this decision.

  1. If you provide false information when applying.
  2. If you are a minor (not including when you have received parental consent).
  3. If your contact information such as your address or telephone number is all unknown.
  4. If you are unable to pay for various charges such as accommodation costs as specified in the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation at Candeo Hotels.
  5. If you fail to observe the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation, or the Terms of Use for Candeo Hotels, and cause disturbances at our hotels.
  6. In any other situations where Candeo Hotels deems your conduct to be inappropriate as a member.

Article 5 (Annual Fee)

There is no annual fees or admission costs to have a CLUB CANDEO membership.

Article 6 (Benefits)

  1. You can receive benefits provided by Candeo Hotels in the following situations:
    1. When you receive offers exclusive to members from the hotel front desk.
    2. When you receive prescribed procedures from our website.
  2. The details of benefits will be provided at the front desk of hotels and on our website.
  3. Candeo Hotels can change the contents of benefits at any time without providing you prior notice or asking for consent.

Article 7 (Loss of Membership)

  1. You will no longer be a member in the following situations:
    1. Your membership is cancelled
    2. In the case of death
    3. You do not meet the membership requirements
  2. You can withdraw your membership at anytime following our prescribed procedure.
  3. Your membership includes does not extend to others and shall naturally be cancelled in the case of death.

Article 8 (Transfer of Membership)

Your CLUB CANDEO membership cannot be lent, transferred, used as collateral or used in any other way by a third party.

Article 9 (Changes to Registered Information)

If you wish to change your registered information, such as your address, name, or email address, please contact Candeo Hotels immediately. Please note that we will not be held liable if you do not receive offers or are disadvantaged in anyway due to your updated information being received late via notification or letter, or not being received at all.

Article 10 (Member's Information)

  1. The Collection, Retention and Use of Personal Information
    You must agree to the collection, retention and use of the following information that Candeo Hotels take measures to protect, and is necessary for the operation of CLUB CANDEO and for any bookings made by members at Candeo Hotels ("personal information").
    1. Your name, address where you can be contacted, phone number, and other information provided on the designated application form.
    2. Your accommodation and the status of other services you use.
  2. The Use of Personal Information
    Candeo Hotels uses your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. For when you make a booking or check-in at our hotels.
    2. For contacting you in relation to business activities happening at Candeo Hotels and to provide you with necessary information.
    3. For sending you promotional materials from Candeo Hotels (however, the delivery of such material can be cancelled at your request).
    4. For use in marketing activities and product development at Candeo Hotels (These situations only include use and analysis of statistical information that is not identifiable)
  3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    Candeo Hotels will not disclose or leak personal information related to the operation of CLUB CANDEO to third parties outside the following situations:
    1. When you consent to your personal information being provided to a third party.
    2. When it is required by law or requested by an official body.
    3. When necessary for the protection of human life, health or property.
    4. When entrusted to a third party that has entered a non-disclosure agreement to contact you through a variety of means.

Article 11 (Changes to Agreement)

Candeo Hotels may revise, change, amend or add new conditions to this Agreement at any time without providing you with prior notice or without asking for your consent.

Article 12 (Termination of CLUB CANDEO)

CLUB CANDEO may be terminate with providing you with prior notice.

Article 13 (Governing Laws)

This Agreement will be governed by all applicable Japanese laws.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction)

For any disputes that may arise between a member and Candeo Hotels, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.