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Shimbashi, a city where history and humanity come together


A steam locomotive that continues to whistle at "the place of origin"

SL Square is familiar with most people as a popular spot for street interviews on many TV programs. It is also known as Shimbashi's place for rest and relaxation. There is a steam locomotive exhibited here, that actually used to be in operation. However,this train never ran through the Kanto region,including Tokyo,but was only active in the Cugoku region. It is a C11 type that runs with a water tank and coal inside,and was only produced up until 1947. In addition,Shimbashi station at the time of the railway opening was located in a different place than it is today,and is now the "Old Shimbashi Station Railway History and Exhibition Room". Here,you can find the history of the railway and other valuable materials on display. At 12 o'clock,15 o'clock,and 18 o'clock,the train whistle blows loudly in this plaza,and it will surely make you feel connected to the past as you close your eyes and relax.

The unusual torii gate and highly artistic mikoshi are a must-see

Just a short walk from JR Shimbashi Station,you will find Karasumori Shrine nestled within the many business buildings. Built in the Heian period,this shrine is dedicated to three deities: Uganomitama-no Mikoto,Amenouzume-no Mikoto,and Ninigi-no Mikoto. In particular,Amenouzume-no Mikoto is said to be the god of performing arts,and there are only a few shrines in Japan that worship this deity. In addition to bringing prosperity to business,and improving work luck,like Inari Shrine,it is said to also bring luck to love and social relationships. The unique shape of the torii is a must-see,as it was made to match the shape of the main shrine. Dedicated to the main shrine is the eight-row large mikoshi,which is said to be the masterpiece of the famous mikoshi master,Shotaro Yamamoto. You can only view it during the annual festival in May,so it is definitely worth visiting and enjoying the traditions and arts of ancient Japan.

A sacred place for businessmen that retains the atmosphere of the Showa era

As one of Shimabshi's landmarks,the "New Shimbashi Building" is well-known across different generations. This is a retro-style building constructed in 1971,with 4 floors below and 11 floors above ground. Inside are many attractions",'" such as restaurants, shops, and amusement areas. The friendly atmosphere has long been loved as an oasis for businessmen. The restaurant area on the B1 level is lined with about 30 shops such as taverns and standing bars. All the shops are reasonably priced, but the standing bar "Hatenko" is one of the top recommendations. With draft beers from 300 yen,small dishes from 200 yen,it is said that you can "get drunk with just 1000 yen". You use the same glass for refills on alcohol,and you also clear the table on your way out. The unique and casual atmosphere of this privately owned restaurant lets you enjoy one drink after another.