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CLUB CANDEO Announcement

(UPDATED)Regarding New Stage, Usage of Points and Stage Bonus (Coupon)

Thank you very much for choosing CANDEO HOTELS.
We would like to announce some important information regarding the CLUB CANDEO. Please note that this email is not a newsletter and cannot be unsubscribed. Thank you for your understanding.

1)New stage from June 2021
Due to the special measures announced on January 28, 2021, all members will not be moved down a stage. All current BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD members will maintain or move up to the next stage, and all PLATINUM members will maintain their stage.

The actual amount paid (including tax) + Go To Travel Campaign for reservations made by members on the official website is counted. Even if you are a member, reservations made without logging in, reservations made over the phone or at the front desk, and reservations made through other travel booking sites are not included in the calculation. Also, discounts and points are not included in the calculation.

(2) Change in the method of using points
Since the expiration date has been extended by another year, we will change the method of using points to using them at the time of reservation (scheduled to start in June). At the same time, we will discontinue the usage of points at the front desk.

If you have already made a reservation for June or later, you will be able to use points from the reservation modification page on My Page.
Please check your My Page for the latest amount of points.

(3) About the "Coupon Issuance" benefit
As a new benefit of the membership program, a stage bonus equivalent to the coupons corresponding to the new stage of membership will be issued in June. However, in consideration of the change in the method of using points and the convenience of members, the stage bonus will be given as points instead of coupons (the amount will not change). Members will be able to use their points whereby 1pt = 1 yen, which can be combined with their existing points.