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Notification of changes TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Thank you very much for your interest in the Candeo Hotels chain.
We have made some changes to our accommodation conditions from June 1.
Please note that the following changes will be applied from Monday, June 1, 2020.

Article 18 (Liability of the Guest)

Breakdown of Accommodation Costs (related to Article 2, Paragraph 1, and Article 12, Paragraph 1)
Total amount to be paid by guest  Basic Room Rate + Consumption Tax
Total amount to be paid by guest Accommodation Charges+ Consumption Tax, Accommodation Tax

Cancellation Fees (related to Article 6, Paragraph 2)  (Notes)
i  Each percentage signifies the amount that will be taken from the cost of stay when cancelling.
ii When the number of days for a booking is shortened, a cancellation fee equivalent to one day's cost (the first day) regardless of the days shortened will be charged.
i  Table No.2 shows the calculation of cancellation fee as a percentage of the accommodation charges when the reservation had been made.
ii  The amount of the cancellation fee is calculated by multiplying the total amount of the accommodation charges for each cancelled room by the percentage rate in Table No.2, which is determined based on the point of date/time when the cancellation was made.

Please refer to the Accommodation Terms and Conditions for details.