FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


What are the check-in and check-out times?
Normally, check-in is from 3:00pm, while check-out is until 11:00am.
Can I check in early?
Early check-in is only available for those who have booked in advance.
Please be noted that an additional fee of 1,000 yen for 1 hour, 2,000 yen for 2 hours, 3,000 yen for 3 hours, and 4,000 yen for 4 hours is required.
CLUB CANDEO members will be able to check one hour in advance from 14:00pm for free of charge.
Can I check out later?
Depending on how occupied the rooms are, we may not allow later check-outs.
For every additional hour for check-out will add another ¥1000 to your fee.
If extended after 3:00pm, you will be charged 100% of the general booking price for an additional night.
Club Candeo members can check out up to an hour later at 12:00pm free of charge.

Guest Rooms

What's the view from my room like?
From the upper floors, you can see the Matsuyama Castle and on the other side you can look over the city of Matsuyama. Please note that some of the rooms may not meet your request.
Do you provide internet?
All rooms are equipped with a free high-speed LAN (Wi-Fi) internet connection. Computers are not provided in each room, so please bring your own.​ ​If you do not have one and wish to use a computer, use the computer on the 13th floor.​ ​
Are there any computers that are available to borrow?
We do not offer computer rentals to use inside guest rooms. However, there is one computer with internet located in the lobby's lounge area that is free for guests to use.
What amenities are available at the hotel?​ ​
[Guest Rooms]
Room wear (made from jersey fabric/one size fits all), bath towels, face towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush

 [Available from the Front Desk] *Feel free to take
Nylon body towels, hairbrushes, razors, cotton buds, shoe shine paper
What room amenities are there (such as a refrigerator, etc.)?
● Air-conditioning and heating (the entire building / You can adjust the temperature in your room as well.) ● Electric kettle ● Mugs (Choose between instant tea and miso soup, which are available at the front desk.) ● Glasses ● Refrigerator (empty) ● Slippers ● Hangers ● Shoehorn ● 40-inch LCD flat-screen TV (free) ● Bathroom (Body soap, shampoo, conditioner) ● Heated toilet ● Negative ion hair dryer ● Phone (extensions only) ● Digital alarm clock
Do guest rooms include a refrigerator?
All rooms have empty refrigerators, so you can use them to store alcohol, juice, etc.
Is there a way to store my valuables at the hotel?
We do not offer safes in our guest rooms, so we ask our guests to either refrain from bringing valuables or manage such items themselves.
Do you have non-smoking rooms?
All guest rooms and public spaces at our hotel are for non-smoking. Feel free to use the smoking area located on the 13th floor.
Do you have Japanese style rooms?
All of our guest rooms are Western style.
How big are the rooms?
The standard size of a double room is approximately 17㎡. The size of our twin rooms are up to 24㎡.
Are your facilities barrier free (handicap accessible)?
Our hotel is accessible via wheelchair, and we provide one room with full accessibility via wheelchair. *Terrace Suite
If you ever require additional help, please feel free to talk with any of our Candeo Hotels staff.
Can you tell me more about the beds and bedding options in each room?
Our hotel uses Simmons brand pocket coil mattresses, which provide solid support even if you move around in your sleep. 
We use duvet style futons and feather pillows. Please feel free to ask for blankets, memory foam pillows and pipe pillows, which are also available.
Are your toilets Western style or traditional Japanese style?
All are toilets are Western-style toilets that have a bidet feature.

Hotel Facilities

Do you have a smoking area?
At our hotel, the smoking area is located on the 13th floor. The entire building and every guest rooms are prohibited from smoking, if you wish to smoke please use the smoking area.
Can I use the hotel to meet up with people not staying at the hotel?
Please feel free to use the lobby lounge on the 13th floor as a meeting area. We only allow guests who are staying at Candeo Hotels inside our guest rooms.
Do you have a meeting space?
The lobby lounge on the 13th floor can be used to meet people. If you are a small group, feel free to gather here. We would appreciate it if you tell us in advance if you will be using the space. This way, we can better save a space for you. *Spaces cannot be completely divided.
Where are good places to eat?
Our hotel is unavailable to provide meals other than breakfast. We will only prepare light meals for self-services from the evenings at our breakfast venue, night bar lounge "CLUB CANDEO". If you want more information about nearby restaurants, feel free to ask our front desk.
Do you have a business center?
Please feel free to use the computer located on the 13th floor at our lobby.
・PC: Free of charge
Can I send or receive faxes?
You can receive faxes for free, and sending a fax will cost 30 yen per page sent. In order to receive a fax at our hotel, we will need you to tell us your room number and the name the room is reserved under.
Do you have an ice machine?
There are ice machines on the 8th and 12th floor, so please feel free to use it.
Do you have laundry services?
A coin laundry with free detergent located on the 13th floor.
We also offer laundry services. If you bring your laundry to the front desk by 9:00am, it will be ready after 7:00pm on the same day.
If you wish to use our service, please ask our front desk.
Do you have an alcohol or general drinks vending machine?
There are vending machines for soft drinks available on the 8th and 12th floors. Alcoholic beverages are sold in a vending machine located on the 12th floor or available at our front desk on the 13th floor.
Is there a cafe or lounge?
Our night lounge bar "CLUB CANDEO" is open from 6:00pm with a self-service soft drinks and alcohol beverages available. We welcome all customers from outside, but we particularly offer special prices for guests staying at our hotel.
The lobby lounge (plaza) is available to for everyone for free.
Can you tell me more about the night lounge bar "CLUB CANDEO"?
Enjoy with a great view at our night lounge bar "CLUB CANDEO", available as a self-service bar that opens from the evening. This can be used as a private lounge to relax and enjoy the night scape of the city of Matsuyama. We welcome all customers from outside, but we particularly offer special prices for guests staying at our hotel.
Business hours are from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.


Is there a public bath?
The public bath is located on the 13th floor, the top floor of this hotel with a scenic view. On the men's side, the city view of Matsuyama, and on the women's side the Matsuyama Castle is visible. There is the open-air bath, inside bath and sauna for both men and women.
What are the spa hours?
The public bath is available for 24 hours for both men and women.
*Please note the SkySpa is closed during 11:00am to 3:00pm due to cleaning services.
Is there a sauna?
For the men's side, we prepare a dry sauna and cold bath. For the women's side, we prepare a steam room.
How do you ensure security?
A security key is required to enter the public bath for both men and women. In addition, the security key changes every day and will be told only to our hotel guests, so feel assured while taking a bath.
The lockers in the locker room are all provided with a key.
Is it possible to take a late-night baths or morning baths?
SkySpa is open 24 hours except when being cleaning (between 11am and 3pm), so you can take a bath at whatever time suits you.
Are there amenities at the public bath?
[Men's Spa]
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial wash, facial toner, cotton swab, scale

[Women's Spa]
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial toner, facial moisturizer, makeup cleanser, facial wash, cotton swab
Are there hair dryers or any other items provided at the public bath?
Ionic hair dryers are available in the dressing room. Please bring towels from your room.
Can I use the spa before checking in or after checking out?
Using SkySpa before checking in and after checking out are prohibited.

Access / Parking Lot

Does the hotel have a parking lot?
We do not provide a private parking lot. For this reason, please use a nearby parking lot. Click here for more a detailed map on  ​near parking lots​​.
Please use our paid parking lots to park your bicycles and motorcycles. We only allow parking a motorbike for this parking lot. Please note that the number of parking spots is limited.
How do I access the hotel?
For more details on access,​ ​click here.
Can I get help reserving a taxi?
Please inquire at the front desk. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Traveling with Children

Can I stay at the hotel with my children?
Of course. We hope your entire family has an enjoyable stay at our hotel.
Can I share a bed with my child? Are there rates for children?
If your child is under the age of an elementary school student, you can have one child share a bed with you. If you have a king size bed, you are allowed up to two children to share a bed with you. (Please note that the cost of breakfast still applies)
*When making a booking, please take into consideration the size of your child and the size of the bed you will be sharing.
Will breakfast be free for children?
Children are charged a separate breakfast fee for breakfast.
* Children will be charged from 3 years old.
If you have breakfast,
Preschooler ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax)
Elementary school students ¥ 1,250 (excluding tax)
Is charged separately. Please note that children older than junior high school students will be treated the same as one adult.
Do you provide pajamas for children?
Yes we do. We offer children's size pajamas and amenity items for an additional cost.
Does the hotel provide hot water to warm up milk?
Each room has a kettle to boil water. If you have any other requests, we will provide as much assistance as we can. Please feel free to inquire at the front desk.

Nearby Facilities

Are there any convenience stores nearby?
There are several convenience store within a 3-minute walk.
Are there any places to eat nearby?
There are many restaurants around the hotel. If you would like any recommendations, please inquire with our staff at the front desk for advice.


How can I pay for my stay when I need to depart early in the morning?
The front desk is open 24 hours a day, so there is always staff available.
How can I pay for my stay?
You will be required to pay for your stay when checking in.
Is there a cancellation fee?
[For Bookings up to 10 People]
Cancellation after 6pm on the day of accommodation is 50% of the booking cost
Cancellation after 10pm on the day of accommodation is 100% of the booking cost
Not providing warning about your cancellation (not contacting us) is 100% of booking cost

[For Booking of 11 People or More]
Cancellations made 2 days before your stay is 20% of the booking cost
Cancellation on the day before your stay is 100% of the booking cost
Not providing warning about your cancellation (not contacting us) 100% of booking cost

Can I pay via credit card?
We accept major credit cards, including VISA and JCB.
Can the front desk watch my luggage before I check in or after I check out?
Depending on the size of the luggage, we should be able to look after luggage for you. However, please note that we cannot protect valuables or raw goods.
Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?
After contacting us in advance, we will keep your luggage until check-in except for valuables, food and dangerous goods. Please be sure to write the date of stay and the name of the guest and send it to the address below.

2-5-12 Okaido, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
○ Month day accommodation ○○ (name of guest)
Can I send my luggage from the hotel?
You can use the Yamato TA-Q-BIN delivery service. For information on the cost of sending luggage, please visit our front desk.
Do you offer mobile chargers?
Chargers are available for a 500 yen deposit for each time you need to charge. Be aware that they may not match your phone model.
What items are available for rent?
[Available on each floor]
Trouser press, humidifier

[Available at the front desk]
Yukata (for men and women), 3 types of pillows (tourmaline / low resilience urethane tip / down), nail clipper, ice pad, thermometer, bottle opener, can opener, wine opener, sewing set, iron set (iron / ironing board), tweezers, rental umbrella, phone charger
* There is a limited number of equipments for rent.
Can I bring food and drinks into my room?
Yes, you can do so freely.
Does the hotel have a newspaper service?
Ehime, Nikkei, Mainichi, Sports, Yomiuri, English-language newspapers are on sale.
Can pets stay in guest rooms?
Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our hotel. We are also unable to look after any pets. If you require an assistance dog such as a seeing-eye dog, please provide this information when making your booking.
Do you offer bike rentals?
We do not have any bicycles to rent.
Can you arrange a massage?
Massages can be arranged until 22:00.

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