Enjoy our daily specials for breakfast.
Regardless of how hungry you are, choose your breakfast from our assorted healthy options depending on your mood.

Candeo Plaza 1F
1,300 yen(excluding tax)

*Children in elementary school: 1,000 yen per child (excluding tax) / Children between 3 years old and elementary school age: 800 yen per child (excluding tax) / Children under 3 years old: free

*Breakfast for non-hotel guests will be 1,500 yen per person (tax excluded)

* Regarding food allergies Here Please check from.


Enjoy tasting one of the healthy options at our breakfast restaurant. Regardless of how hungry you are, start your day by basking in the morning sun at Candeo Plaza while you enjoy your meal.​ ​

3 Features of Breakfasts at Candeo

  • 1 Japanese breakfast

    A Japanese Breakfast
    Add some color to your day!

    Savor Japanese food

  • 2 Female friendly American breakfast

    Breakfast from America
    A favorite of our guests!

    Enjoy Western food

  • 3 I'm glad to choose a lot of daily vegetables.

    Select from our Daily Specials
    With plenty of vegetables!

    Choose from various options

Enjoy selecting from a variety of dishes
Enjoy selecting from a variety of dishes Besides a wide variety of Japanese and Western menus, we also offer many drinks and salad dressings, and also sweets and homemade side dishes to create a delicious morning. Make your favorite choice to eat for a good breakfast.
Japanese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine Start your morning with amazing Japanese cuisine. We offer the best Japanese dishes, served with freshly cooked rice and miso soup.
Western Cuisine
Western Cuisine Choose your favorite dish from our plentiful Western breakfast menu.
Daily Specials
Daily Specials We offer daily specials so you can enjoy an array of dishes throughout your stay.
Full Salad Bar
Full Salad Bar A variety of salads and dressings are available. Select whatever healthy vegetables you enjoy.
A Variety of Bread
A Variety of Bread For people who love Western-style breakfast, we offer a wide variety of bread. 
Plentiful Drink Corner
Plentiful Drink Corner Choose from a selection of juice, milk, tea or coffee to suit your morning.
Delicious Fruit
Delicious Fruit Fruit, cereals and yogurt are available to enjoy as a main part of your breakfast or as a dessert on the side.
Carefully Selected Flavors
Carefully Selected Flavors Our dishes are not only original, but also provide a good nutritional balance that is beneficial to your body.

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