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Men Open-air bath, indoor bath, water bath, dry sauna
[Amenities] Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, face lotion, cotton swabs, scale
Women Open-air bath, indoor bath, water bath, steam sauna
[Amenities] Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing oil, cleansing foam, skin conditioner, moisturizing toner, cotton swabs, scale


Hotel Guests​ ​3pm to 11am of the following day (Sauna is available between 3pm to 2am)

*Baths are unavailable when being cleaned.
*Customers with tattoos are not permitted to use the SkySpa. If our staff are aware of a tattoo, they may remind you that you cannot use the SkySpa.

Open-air Bath

Female open-air bath

​ ​Experience bliss from the top floor of our hotel while overlooking Nagoya and the Matsuyama Castle.[Women's Outdoor Bath]

Female open-air bath

​ ​See history before you as Matsuyama Castle lights up at night for a whole new experience.[Women's Outdoor Bath]

Men open-air bath

​ ​Stretch out your body and relax in our open-air bath while looking over Matsuyama Town.[Men's Outdoor Bath]

Men open-air bath

​ ​At night, be amazed by the Matsuyama cityscape.[Male outdoor bath]

Indoor Bath

Women's bath

​ ​You are even able to see Matsuyama Castle from the indoor pools.[Women's Indoor Bath]

Women's bath

​ ​Our hotel is taller than all surrounding buildings, meaning that your privacy can be assured.[Women's Indoor Bath]

Men's bath

​ ​The indoor bath is significantly sized, with views of Seto Inland Sea on clear days.[Men's Indoor Bath]

Men's bath

​ ​There is also a cold water bath for even more relaxation.[Men's bath]

Steam Sauna

Women's steam sauna

​ ​The steam sauna has a natural heat and lower temperature that makes it easier to breathe while slowly sweating.[Women's Steam Sauna]


Men's sauna

​ ​The dry sauna improves blood circulation, letting you have a better night's sleep. [Men's Sauna]

Changing Room

Women's dressing room

You are required to have a security key to enter the SkySpa (for both men and women)
Providing ample security is one of our top priorities.[Women's Changing Room]

Men's dressing room

​ ​We supply all the amenities and facilities you require in a large, stress-free environment.[Men's Changing Room]

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